Brazilian soccer body offers to pay for VAR this season

SAO PAULO (AP) — Video review just might be coming to Brazilian soccer this season.

The Brazilian soccer confederation said in a statement Friday it will pay for VAR technology this season if clubs agree to cover the costs of referees.

The price of the technology was the main reason VAR was not used in the 2018 season.

“We want to elevate the level of the Brazilian championship,” said soccer official Rogerio Caboclo, who will take over as president of the confederation in April. “For that to happen, we will introduce to clubs an integrated proposal, which includes refereeing, technical elements of the matches and the attendance in the stadiums.”

The confederation did not say what it would cost to pay for VAR technology. The offer will be made at a meeting of league organizers later Friday.

The 20-club Brazilian league starts on April 28.

Also, the confederation said it will propose a measure that limits teams to one coach firing per club per season.

“This measure will help clubs rationalize their management and in the medium run it will allow them to cut costs,” Caboclo said.

The soccer body will also suggest the 2020 season begins with a one-match Supercup final between the winner of the league and the champion of the Brazilian Cup.