Project Manager (Mixta Africa) at Arm Life Plc

ARM Life is the insurance subsidiary of Asset & Resource Management Company Ltd (ARM). Its parent company, ARM is one of the largest non-bank financial services firms in Nigeria with a focus on asset management. Established in 1994, ARM started operations as a traditional asset management company specialising in the management of quoted equities and fixed income securities.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Project Manager (Mixta Africa)

Location: Ikoyi, Lagos
Reports to: Project Director – MAHCS, Country MD


  • Oversee the construction and execution phases of all in-country projects

Key Interactions:

  • Senior Construction Associate, Senior Procurement and Contracting Associate, Senior Design Associate, Site Construction Associate

Main Responsibilities

  • To lead on all construction aspects of the company’s projects, providing strategic and professional guidance to the construction team
  • Ensure optimised process for contracting and project approval
  • Reporting to the Company on matters in relation to the performance of projects against contract requirements.
  • Oversee the development of designs to ensure they are high quality, in-line with company strategy and delivered on time
  • Coordinate with design and construction standards to resolve any design issue arising during construction
  • Ensure compliance with design for all projects on construction site.
  • Responsible for ensuring that project managers:
  • Manage the project team including architects, engineers, workplace consultants, construction managers and administrative support.
  • Develop schedules and budgets for assigned projects.
  • Identify and evaluates alternative solutions to best meet program goals.
  • Prepare detailed construction cost estimates and documentation (e.g. PFR, PAR) for project
  • Track contract and construction performance from start till completion
  • Participate in or oversee the pre-qualification and bid evaluation process for consultants, contractors, and other outside vendors and selects vendors.
  • Ensure all technical work is carried out within the approved budgets
  • Assist at all times in maintaining a safe working environment within Company workplaces, and applying the Company Health & Safety Policy for their own, their colleagues, third parties and the public’s benefit.


  • Capacity investment plans
  • Existing capacity allocation plan
  • Country operating model plan and review

Time Allocation:

  • Technical 90%
  • Administrative 10%


  • Cost effectiveness of projects: Proportion of projects at high that were achieved value for money than expected (20%)
  • Savings generated- Measured as a % unit cost reduction as compared to budget. (20%)
  • Issues causing contract disputes, termination and liquidity before due date-% of contracts with issues arising, disputes, termination and liquidity before due date against procurement’s total signed contracts each year (15%)
  • Lead time from Request for Quote to contract award- Shows the lead time from RFQ to award of contract (15%)

Reports and Processes:

  • Timeliness of deliverables (reports and projects) – percentage of deliverables that are delivered to the target audience as per the agreed deadlines (5%)
  • Quality of deliverables – percentage of deliverables that meet or exceed expectation (5%)


  • Quality of coordination with relevant departments (5%)
  • Feedback – The annual average rating from 360-degree surveys launched (15%)


  • 10+ construction related experience
  • Undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in an Engineering field (structural, electrical, mechanical)
  • An advanced degree in engineering or a related field is also strongly preferred
  • Experience in managing large scale projects within the real estate sector.


  • Excellent understanding of the construction industry
  • Ability to manage several large scale projects at the same time
  • Knowledge of key processes and phases in construction (Structure, M&E, Finishing)
  • Deep understanding of corporate functions like procurement and contracting, budget and planning, and de-bottlenecking other corporate processes
  • Proficient in creating and understanding a planning schedule and work break down structure
  • Gathers information nationally and internationally about what could be; visualises the future and assesses what needs to change; thinks strategically, considers wider effects thoroughly, including customers, shareholders and people; promotes and builds enthusiasm for the vision.
  • Balances the needs of the stakeholder triangle; assimilates and analyses relevant information; identifies core principles, and applies them consistently to decisions; identifies and mitigates risks; creative in providing solutions; owns decisions.
  • Good planning/project management skills
  • Exceptional negotiation, problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Outstanding people leadership and management skills. Ability to drive change management across the organization
  • Superior communication skills, both verbal and oral
  • Sets milestones and timeframes to achieve objectives and operational requirements; determines priorities and allocates responsibilities and manages workflow; establishes measures and monitoring systems; monitors unit and individual performance, putting (joint) action plans in place to address areas of non-compliance; anticipates hurdles and has contingency plans to get around them.

Application Closing Date 
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