Nearly $2 billion in New Jersey sport bets in 9 months

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Nearly $2 billion has been wagered on sporting events in New Jersey since such betting became legal last year.

New Jersey gamblers plunked down more than $320 million on sporting events in February, led by action on the day of the Super Bowl and the two days preceding it.

The extra money helped Atlantic City’s casinos to an increase of nearly 26 percent in gambling revenue in February compared to a year earlier. The casinos kept $12.7 million of bets on completed sporting events after winnings bets and other expenses were paid.

Figures released Wednesday by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement show the nine casinos won $241 million from gamblers in February.

And nearly $750,000 was wagered on the Oscars, with the sports books keeping nearly a quarter of it.