Theresa May to hold Brexit crisis talks with Jeremy Corbyn: Live updates

Theresa May is being battered with questions from MPs from her own party during Wednesday’s PMQs. They are questioning the Prime Minister’s decision to involve Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Brexit talks.”The biggest threat to our standing in the world, our defense and to our economy is the leader of the opposition. In her judgement, what now qualifies him for involvement in Brexit,” Tory MP Lee Rowley asked.While Julian Lewis asked: “Why is a conservative prime minister who repeatedly told us that no deal is better than a bad deal, now approaching Labour MPs to bloackade WTO Brexit when most conservative MPs want us to leave the European Union with a clean break in nine days time?”May responded to Lewis by telling him that she still believes no deal is better than bad deal, but “we’ve got a good deal.”MPs in the House of Commons for PMQs.MPs in the House of Commons for PMQs.Parliament TV