Fans to choose name of Copa America’s capybara mascot

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Soccer fans will choose the name of the mascot of the Copa America in Brazil this year.

The organization of the tournament published two name choices for its capybara mascot — Capibi and Zizito.

The vote will be open through the Copa America’s social media feeds until April 12.

“Capibi” is a tribute to indigenous populations of South America, mixing words in Tupi language that mean capybara and land.

“Zizito” pays respect to Brazilian soccer legend Zizinho, who lived from 1921-2002 and scored 17 goals in the Copa America, the most in its history.

Thiago Jannuzzi, the general manager of the event’s organizing committee, said the capybara was chosen as the mascot because the big rodent is friendly with all other animals.

Brazil will host the Copa America between June 14 and July 7.