Canadian mayor markets Brampton to Nigerian start-ups

In February, the Mayor of Brampton city Patrick Brown invited young Nigerian entrepreneurs from Lagos to Brampton. Pertinence Group, a Nigerian firm, organized the visit of the mayor to the country. Mayor Brown was accompanied by the first black female councilor of Brampton Mrs. Charmaine Williams. They first visited the State Governor of Lagos and then met 300 young Nigerian entrepreneurs. Mayor Brown said that Brampton, just like Nigeria, depends on its youth to grow and develop and praised the Nigerian young businesspersons for not leaving the country despite economic difficulties. He hopes that Brampton will have business ties with Nigeria and will be a part of the Nigerian success story. The first time when Mayor Brown visited Nigeria, he was fascinated by the country and always wanted to go back. Brampton, he said, is growing very fast, and there will always be a place for young Nigerian entrepreneurs in the city. They try to create equal opportunities for everyone and have a city free of any discrimination. Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, announced that he wanted to make Brampton the base for the cybersecurity of the country. Brampton focuses on technological and digital startups.

Canada’s Digital Charter might be a good example for Nigeria

Canada published Canada’s Digital Charter in 2019 but the government started working on it long before that. In 2016 when Justin Trudeau took over the country his government created a plan for Canada’s economic growth. Digital Charter is a result of this plan. The document is a set of principles focusing on values such as equality, security, and transparency. The government tries to provide equal access for the citizens and help businesses and industries implement innovations. After Trudeau took power in 2017, young politicians decided to create a long-lasting plan for the digital industry. Digital gaming industry in Canada was first to get positively affected by new guidelines and rules from Trudeau’s office. iGaming space has been very big in Canada since the 00s. Traditional casino brands easily adapted to digital requirements and created platforms where gamers could enjoy their luck without leaving the house. Since 2017, iGaming providers from Canada have become very influential in the worldwide market. Online casino games in Canada got exclusive storylines and that made them even more popular in the worldwide market. Canadian approach made the iGaming industry more influential, so the industry is contributing billions of CAD to the economy of the country. Experts think that success stories like iGaming space will be a landmark case for other digital industries to work and collaborate more with local governments.

Nigeria’s tech ecosystem is struggling to keep hold of its best software engineersYoung Nigerian workers in the tech industry are leaving the country. The Tech world was one of the most successful industries in the country. It attracted investments of multiple hundred billion dollars. Even giant companies like Facebook work with Nigeria. However, the young and promising software engineers still choose to leave Nigeria. As usually is the case with economic migration, Nigerian youth leaves the country because they do not have equal opportunities and are underpaid. Lagos is the biggest tech space in Africa, yet it is the least profitable for software engineers and other workers in the field. Nigerian software engineers earn by $5000 less than those in South Africa. Young engineers think that the engineering problems that they have to deal with are limited, so they cannot progress their careers and advance their skills. There is no study to suggest the numbers of young engineers leaving the country, but the industry professionals say that the numbers are alarming.