Biden under scrutiny after more classified documents found – live

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Good morning, US politics blog readers. Not much is known about the second batch of classified documents that turned up somewhere linked to Joe Biden, but one thing is for sure: the president is going to be answering questions about the discoveries for some time. Many of the most inquisitive will be Republicans looking to argue that Biden isn’t so different from Donald Trump when it comes to his handling of government secrets, even though there are notable differences between the two cases. Expect to hear more about this today.

Here’s what else is in the forecast:

The latest inflation data shows consumer prices fell in December and yearly price growth continued to moderate, both signs that America’s inflation bout may be ending, or at least easing.

Biden will speak about the inflation figures and the economy in general at 10 am eastern time.

House Republicans will today debate a bill to stop the Strategic Petroleum Reserve from selling its barrels to the Chinese Communist Party.

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