The sheer joy of Jamie Lee Curtis cheering Michelle Yeoh sets a new bar for female best-friendship | Zoe Williams

In a world that still expects a catfight between women, a viral image of the actor celebrating at the Golden Globes shows a thrilling act of sisterly solidarity

Everyone likes a photo of Jamie Lee Curtis because everyone likes Jamie Lee Curtis, but the moment caught at the Golden Globes on Tuesday was something else.

Combining the razzle-dazzle of the red carpet with the raw emotionality of war photography, the shot captures the moment when Michelle Yeoh wins best actress (comedy/ musical) for Everything Everywhere All at Once. Yeoh is covering her face with her hands, which is the smart move in these situations: triumph has no acceptable expression. It’s not a lovable emotion to begin with, and it can tip so easily into something even less endearing: smugness, fakery, know-me-by-the-lamentations-of-my-inferiors. Way better to keep all the key features submerged under fingers.

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