MNJTF Commences Operation Yancin Tafki – Channels Television

The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), comprised of troops from Cameroon, Chad, Niger Republic and Nigeria has commenced a military operation codenamed Operation YANCIN TAFKI.

According to a statement by its spokesman, Colonel Timothy Antigha, the MNJTF said the new operation is in response of recent Boko Haram Terrorists’ operation from the northern fringes of the Lake Chad Basin exploited gaps within defensive positions, which have since been blocked, to attack positions in Arege, Metele, Baga and other settlements within the locality.

The MNJTF said as a logical follow up to the atrocious and cowardly attack on defenceless civilians and their property, the operation YANCIN TAFKI is to take the battle to the remaining last hideouts of Boko Haram Terrorists within the designated area of responsibility of the MNJTF and subsequently rout the terrorists.

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It would be recalled that a couple of months ago, a summit of the Heads of States and Governments of states of the Lake Chad Basin Commission, chaired by President Mohammadu Buhari, met in N’Djamena, Chad, to fine tune bilateral engagements aimed at dealing with the Boko Haram problem.

This operation is therefore expected to give concrete and far-reaching expressions to the resolutions of that summit.

Colonel Antigha also spoke about the role of the media and the challenges of effective coverage and reportage of conflicts, especially in the age of fake news.

The MNJTF spokesman said the Force is confident that the media in the affected countries will remain resolute and committed to professionalism and the common goal of eliminating terrorism in the Lake Chad Basin, as well as the stabilization of the area for the millions of its inhabitants currently displaced.